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Short Strikes – February 2017 Newsletter

Déjà vu all over again. How time flies! I said that two years ago, almost to the day and it still applies more now than ever. I can’t believe how much time has passed since I’ve last updated this site. Where the heck have I been since then? Busy is the standard answer but also the truth. I made a commitment to myself in 2015 to finally get over the hump. This website was the first in a many step process to finally get myself out a career in contracting and into one in the fishing world. Things were falling into place. I could blog on this site, design fly patterns for Rainys, freelance for several magazines and even do seminars but a big piece was missing. I needed an adequate boat for guiding and shooting videos. Not just any boat like I had but “a real boat”, like one you would see in the pages of Bass Master Magazine. So, I put my head down into my work and got busy…real busy but I can now say that I’m over that hump. I’m sorry if I seemed to have deserted all of you but I’m back now and have the ability to do all the things to make this site great. I will now be able to promote the virtues of warm water fly fishing to its fullest extent and all of you will be the beneficiaries. So, thanks for hanging in there and tell your friends that Off the Deep Edge (.com) is “open for business.”


A New Office for Off the Deep Edge

Yes, Off the Deep Edge will have a new office and a floating one at that! It’s still under construction (at the factory) but we’ve purchased a Tracker Pro 190 TX Bass Boat. It’s 18’7” in length with a beam of 89”. A four-stroke Mercury 115 powers her. There will be dueling Hummingbird Helix 9 SI depthfinders at the console and front deck and a pair of ten foot Talons to anchor her. A Minnkota 24v Ulterra trolling motor will be on the bow with self-deployment and spot lock capabilities. I’m basically set to fish tournament style which really means to have full control of the boat at all times to make fishing easier. Do you really need this to fly fish? Well no. But I also don’t need a seven-hundred-dollar fly rod to catch fish but they sure are nice! But to guide safely, comfortably and effectively, yes you do. Guiding will be a way to get on the water more often to demonstrate proven techniques and to find new ones when conditions change. More on this later.  I’ll post a picture of our newest toy when she shows up.


Nostradamus Got Nothing on Me

In the last newsletter, I made a forecast of things to come and was I right on the mark. I said we’d be talking about float and fly fishing in cold water. That we’ll talk about late winter and pre-spawn bass fishing as the time for big fish and if this is my year for the ten-pound bass. Dang if all three of these things haven’t figured prominently this last year. We’ll also start dabbling into video production. We shot some pretty cool stuff already and the year is still young. We’re still learning how to use the equipment so we should get better quality soon. A lot has been happening already this year in warm water fly fishing. I hope I’ve gotten you at least a little excited to see what’s coming your way. So, hang onto your hat because we’re about to dive off the deep edge of warm water fly fishing.


Good fishin’,