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After the matches finish, Tsukishima is seen getting perplexed on Hinata and Inuoka’s gibberish discussion

Noticing brand new sluggish novice, Kuroo is at out to him and you may comments that their spouse first-year blockers was indeed barely that have a leading schoolers’ dialogue. Kuroo up coming informs Tsukishima to unwind and this he could has actually enjoyable into most other first timers too, nevertheless the second declines coldly. Whenever separating indicates, Daichi shakes hand having Kuroo, in which he vows in order to beat Nekoma the very next time they see, whether or not both are squeezing tough into the difficulty.

Tokyo Journey Arc

Kuroo match which have Karasuno when they arrive at the training go camping [10] . The guy asks Daichi regarding the Hinata and you can Kageyama when he notices these are generally shed and you may learns they’d to remain trailing at school once the they are best the group toward gymnasium. Continue Reading →