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Korra very first satisfied Suyin Beifong whenever she journeyed so you can Zaofu , home of the Material Clan, so you’re able to generate an alternate airbender

Korra is happy to meet this lady, and you may surprised on training you to definitely Suyin try Lin’s estranged half-aunt. Once fulfilling every this lady pupils, such as the the brand new airbender called Opal, Korra offered to stay in Zaofu, curious as to the reasons Lin is annoyed within their half of-aunt because the Suyin was very “nice”. During dining, Korra and also the matriarch talked about Korra’s look off airbenders and you will Hou-Ting’s signal, with Suyin taking suggestions so you can carrying out playing governmental items. After-dinner, Suyin told me exactly how she went away and founded Zaofu away from scratch, impressing the newest Avatar, exactly who reported that it had been incredible. [41]

The following day, Suyin first started knowledge Korra from the ways off metalbending, advising brand new Avatar when latter educated dilemmas. Getting Suyin’s suggestions, Korra were able to select the fine pieces of earth contained in this the fresh material, and you can efficiently metalbend, prompting Suyin so you can congratulate this lady and you may say this lady while the “the original metalbending Avatar”. [42]

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