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Examples: Jilu axona, Azerbaijan Jewish axxona/axona (Garbell 1965, 297), Tisqopa axona (Rubba, private telecommunications)

(20) The word having ‘brother’, aha in the BT, features at the same time become enhanced, even though this function is even utilized in Turoyo. Hertevin have each other ?aha and ?ahona (Jastrow 1988, 180), however, Mandaic only has aha (Macuch 1965, 495).

At exactly the same time, external NENA, i have most other terms: Mandaic keraya (Macuch 1965, 509), Turoyo raglo (Jastrow 1985, 219)

(21) You to definitely instead mystical product which is attested in all NENA dialects but Sanandaj Christian (and this probably just a spin gap on research) is aqla ‘foot’. Krotkoff (1985, 130-31) contends that this phrase comes on the root ql ‘to feel crooked’. All the dialects make use of the form aqla, but Koy Sanjaq aqla and Tisqopa (?)aqIlta.

(22) Several other word talked about by Krotkoff (1985, 131-thirty-two, 134) are baxta ‘woman’, with supplanted the brand new Syriac atta in all NENA, yet not inside Turoyo or Mandaic. This term seems to derive from Kurdish baxt ‘honor’. It’s interesting to notice one to an unequal plural endures inside the numerous languages: Tisqopa (?)InsI, Azerbaijan Jewish nise, and you can Halabja inse.

(23) An urgent advancement mentioned by the Noldeke (1868, 59) try rxata, corresponding to Syriac rhat. The alteration of h to help you x in this one word is found in all the NENA languages where in fact the verb try attested. Examples: Sanandaj Christian raxet (Panoussi 1990), Urmi r-x-D (Hetzron 1969, 123), Jilu rxata, Hertevin rahet (Jastrow 1988, 222).

(24) Several other unexpected advancement is the NENA verb ‘fear’, which will take the latest variations zda?a great, zdaya, and you will zdala about various dialects. Macuch and Panoussi (1974, 50) bring a prospective derivation throughout the Syriac ezda za ‘be shaken’. Continue Reading →