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Tom Vialle, Purple Bull KTM Warehouse Rushing teammate: “It’s difficult and hard to accept you to definitely Rene went

We had been teammates for two many years and you may was most romantic: I think ninety% regarding my personal education day was also having him. Pretty much every trip to the fitness center. Into the 2021 we spent long with her, going to races together with. We’d fun, i visited the latest movies, out over eating. Many of us are pretty close-in all of us so this have already been an extremely hard time. You will find enough recollections having Rene and additionally they was every good and that i think that in addition to states a great deal in the exactly what an excellent son he had been.”

Adam Wheeler, journalist:“’There’s an Austrian son coming, operating a KTM; got best interviews him…’ this is the newest cause to sit and you will consult with Rene when you look at the 2018. All these strategies through European Championship racing had been only stones towards the the road so you’re able to where the guy desired to end up being and where he know he is. Continue Reading →