Hey ya’ll and welcome to Off the Deep Edge Warm Water Fly Fishing! My name is Craig Riendeau and I’ll be your host for these adventures into fly fishing. Not just any type of fly fishing I may add but specifically warm water fly fishing…all of it. I don’t care if you like bass, bream, crappie, musky, cats or carp or anything else for that matter, you’re welcomed here. If it swims in warm waters we’re going to look for the where and how to catch it and find the flies that do it best. And we’re going to do this mostly in less than exotic locations. We aren’t going to tell you that you need to go to Canada to catch a big musky or that you need to go into the heart of Mexico to have a good day bass fishing. We want to show that warm water fishing, good warm water fly fishing existing in each of our own backyards if we only look around a little and try some techniques you probably haven’t before. We’d also like to show those who are new to the sport that fly fishing doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to catch a decent fish, that it’s not a rich man’s sport. Not that it isn’t fun to or that we won’t ever go somewhere “nice” but show that warm water fly fishing is available to us all in one form or another. So again welcome and follow along with our articles and videos. With the help of a few friends hopefully we all can learn a new wrinkle or two on how to do better in the sport we all so love. Above all else, let’s have some fun trying!

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  1. Jim Holmes August 22, 2014 at 2:52 pm #

    I enjoyed your article in Fly Tier about the Wee Willy Wiggler. This fly reminds me very much of the go-to fly used by guides on the White River in Arkansas – their version of the San Juan Worm tied on a microjig hook. I suspect your fly would hold up better.

    As a real rookie at fly tying, I am wondering why you go to the trouble of using the Krystal Flash as an under body. It looks like it all gets covered up with the worm body. Does the flash shine through the body material? I can’t tell that it does from the pictures. I am just thinking I might use the thread to build up the under body to the right diameter – but await your thoughts.

    Thanks so much for helping educate us beginners!

    Incidentally, most of my fishing is Texas stock tanks – black bass and panfish. Once a year I make it to Arkansas, and not so often to the one place in Texas with trout – the Guadalupe River. (Not counting put and take stockings elsewhere……)

    Jim Holmes

    • Craig Riendeau
      Craig Riendeau August 23, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

      Funny you should mention the trout fly aspect of the Willy Wiggler because I have a professional trout guide here in Georgia who gets Wigglers from me to fish for both browns and rainbows in the Chattahoochee River. I’m sure it will work on trout elsewhere too. But as for the Krystal Flash, it does service a distinct purpose. It’s main use is as a base to glue the plastic body on. The plastic does not glue well to the bare hook being nonporous where the Krystal Flash rope has a rough texture that gives a lot of surface area to hold onto. Also the plastic body does not wrap entirely around the hook shank. As the article stated that the groove into the plastic is melted only as deep as the bodkin is thick. This means that the plastic body will only encompass three out of four sides of the hook shank leaving the Krystal Flash on top exposed. This adds a little flash and/or the appearance of a wing casing. I’m sure that using thread as a base will hold the plastic body well but it will just lack a little flash. I doubt the fish will mind. Good luck with them!

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